Hard to believe

It’s hard to believe that Cricket and I have been on the field now twenty-seven years. Even harder to believe is that we just finished a marriage seminar in the first church we worked in (though only for a few months) listening to the speaker, Bill Hargis teach on marriage principles. We worked with Bill and Cindy¬† for two in the initial phase of church they planted in Chanis.

So much water under the bridge and experiences of every kind have filled the years. It’s hard to believe that it has been so long. What is not so obvious though are the subtle changes that have taken place around us. Folks that were once close in the sense of fellowship now seem distant as other elements have moved into the environment. What hasn’t been obvious has been the faithful work of other, lesser known folks that are soon to retire from the country but blessed with having a new couple to take their place to continue the work.

It’s good to reflect on what has happened and to anticipate what needs to happen. It’s hard to reflect on those in whom you invested your life now serving more the world than the Lord. They are His, though and in that we can rest and trust.

So we continue in our summer season with a sense of hope for the future, getting ready for yet another VBS and anticipating another school year to begin in a little over a week. May the Lord’s grace continue to meet every need as we look to him for that wisdom to move in that direction that He indicates.

Thanks for reading some nostalgic thoughts on this summer afternoon from the Tropics.


It's my sunshade
It’s my sunshade